New Year’s resolutions

I’ve given up on making new year’s resolutions years ago. But I must admit there is something about the turn of the year that tickles at the back of my mind. It might be that the 16 years as an entrepreneur have affected my thinking, as the turn of the fiscal year always opens a blank page for making history.

In real life of course, the page is not empty as the baggage of the past always has an impact, but thanks to the build-up of human mind it gives one the opportunity to think this way. It gives hope, new enthusiasm and lifts the spirit. This combined to the fact that the darkness of the winter here in the Nordics is slowly, but with an accelerating pace, starting to give in for the spring, is liberating to a person suffering from the polar night depression as serious as mine. Deep down I wasn’t designed to be a Finn.

Getting back to the topic, I said above I have not been in the habit of making New Year’s resolutions. I might make an exception this year. Year 2022 was full of distraction and uncertainty and keeping focused on the right things was sometimes next to impossible. During the Holiday Season I’ve had time to reflect and process the past year and think about the future. Reactivity and responsiveness are key elements of running a business in the 2020s. Thinking about maintaining focus and staying responsive I remembered one of the many quotes that have strongly resonated with my own thinking over the years.

“What one action today would provide the highest return for me and my business?”

I have returned to question above several times over the years when I have been yearning for clarity in running the business. The thought is from Darren Reinke’s LinkedIn article back in the mid 2010’s. It is an amazing tool for focus. And it ruthlessly reveals procrastination and tinkering about with things that do not take you forward, like the everyday admin stuff. It is so easy to get flooded by it and stay busy without accomplishing anything. I know this from personal experience. But better yet, the question is great for the world of today, as it is time-bound to TODAY. It forces one to observe around, to raise the eyes away from one’s own bellybutton to see what the world is about, and it forces action to be taken TODAY.

This is my New Year’s Resolution for 2023; The question I am going to ask myself every morning to maintain focus and stay responsive.

What is your New Year’s Resolution?


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